From Pikes to Bows, Warlord Kit Out All of History

April 19, 2012 by dracs

Warlord have got some new historical goodies for all you fans of recreating the past on your tabletop.

First and foremost are the release of the new Pike and Shotte rules!

Warlord - Pike and Shotte

Finally, the wars of the English Civil War period can be waged in miniature scale!

But its not just Pike and Shotte which deserves attention. Hail Caesar is receiving a royal visitation from the Assyrians.

Warlord - Assyrian King and Retinue

Accompanying his royal highness onto the fields of battle is this new selection of Assyrian Qurubuti archers.

Warlord - Assyrian Qurubuti Archers

Block out the sun with your arrows!

All in all a veritable cornucopia of historical goodies from Warlord. Are you interested in picking up any of these?

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