Raid, Sail & Plunder With Pirate Den By Gamesmith

March 10, 2014 by brennon

A while ago Warren, Sam and I talked with the producer of Tabletop Boyan Radakovich about gaming and now he has taken to Kickstarter alongside Richard James and Todd Harris with Pirate Den which looks to be an awesome game of piratical thinking, looting, stealing and buried treasure.

Pirate Den Cover

The game is for 3-5 players and sees you taking on the role of pirate captains during the golden age of piracy. Each turn you will be hedging your bets on how much loot to steal, whether it's from the table or each other, and then working out if you want to hold onto it and push your luck further or bury your hard earned loot but step back from the pilfering for a turn!

Pirate Art #1

Pirate Art #2

Pirate Art #3

The artwork is awesome and brings together a fantastic world of over the top piracy that seems to suit the game and it's theme well. The back and forth nature of the game, plenty of laughs and bluffs and the overall social aspect of the game means that I think it all gels together nicely.

Pirate Den Player Mat

If you'd like to know more about the game then you can check out a Critical Preview of the game above which plays through the game and shows how all the mechanics work. I think this looks like an awesome project and another one of those light 'take that' style tabletop games that make gaming sessions a lot of fun.

The Kickstarter launches soon so keep an eye out for the full launch.

Do you feel piratical?

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