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Calabozo Criollo it´s Venezuela National gaming community that gathers players from all games; focused on Wargames, Boardgaming and roleplaying; boosting the game scene by participating in national conventions; Holding tournaments, demos, events on local stores and giving life to play in venezuela with #WEDOPLAY motto.

We held each week the LUDOTECA at IPSFA in Caracas, where players gather to play boardgames from 1 to 8 pm on the public place of CC Ipsfa at LOS PROCERES.

have a public ludoteque to attend to events

We have
Corvus Belli Warcor for Infinity and Aristeia
Legionarie from CMONgames
Devir Boardgame shower / reviewer
Games Workshop Rogue trader
Malifaux Henchmen
Modiphius SilverShield
Former Pressganger from Privateer press