Spread The Disease As Plague Inc. Becomes A Board Game

March 14, 2016 by dracs

Plague Inc., the popular strategy game where you work to destroy the world in devastating epidemics, is at last making the logical leap into board game territory.

Plague Inc.

In Plague Inc., you are tasked with creating a disease with it complete a number of objectives, depending on the game mode you choose. This can range from wiping out the world's population, to turning everyone into a tide of zombies.

The game offers a variety of different disease types and follows realistic epidemic scenarios to make an engaging strategy experience.

Given the success of games like Pandemic, and its own success across various gaming media, it was only a matter of time before Plague Inc. evolved and infected our board games.

Personally, I think this sounds like a great idea for some more evil tabletop gaming. I hope that the wide variety diseases and scenarios the video game allows will be transferred over into this new format.

Do you play Plague Inc.? What changes do you think will have to be made to make it work as a board game?

"This sounds like a great idea for some more evil tabletop gaming..."

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