An affordable solution to your T34 problem?

February 23, 2011 by beerogre

This might have been out for a bit, but I'm only getting around to it now... that's the problem when we lose our WW2 aficionado...

The Plastic Solider Company have released a set of 5 (count them!) Russian T34 tanks in 15mm, or as we like to call it... Flames of War scale!

We haven't seen the actual kits yet, but we're confident that they will be up to the usual Plastic Soldier Company standard and at the price, they really can't be too bad.

On a related note. I have a sprue of two of their 28mm plastic Russians in Summer Uniforms (I got them in a cracking free giveaway at Arkham Gaming Centre... our LGS), that I was going to use for Secrets of the 3rd Reich. They're not bad at all... the moulding is a bit soft here and there... but I've found that with WW2 models it's about the look of the whole platoon, not the individual models that counts.

Here's a quick pic of the painted versions of the 28mm Russian from the website.

Hopefully we'll get our hands on a box of the T34s soon and then we'll get them opened on camera for you.

BoW Andy

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