Masses Of New 15mm WWII Germans Reinforce Plastic Soldier Company

April 21, 2015 by brennon

Three new sets of 15mm miniatures are now up for pre-order by Plastic Soldier Company. Not only do they now have a new set of SdKfz 250 alte Halftracks but also new German Grenadiers and Early War Heavy Weapons Teams...

Halftracks Provide Covering Fire

The first set to look at is the selection of Halftracks that allow you to fix them up with a variety of weapons include the likes of a Mortar and HMG as well as being kitted out for troop transport...

Halftrack (Box)

Halftrack (Sprue)

The colour coded sprue above shows you what components are needed for which Halftrack and you have a nice variety of choice here. It's nice to see some crew options too. The set will allow you to make five models so you can have all of the variants if you so wish.

Masses Of (Plastic) Soldiers

If you're looking for a huge contingent of infantry to help your push into Allied territory then consider the HUGE Grenadier set which works for troops during the period of 1944 in Normandy. Do you fancy having 141 models to add to your German army?

German Grenadiers (Box)

German Grenadiers (Sprue)

German Grenadiers (Sprue Alt)

As you can see above the actual miniatures are very nicely detailed for 15mm scale and there's no problem with massive heads or weird distorted bodies. Considering that at this level of wargaming you need a lot of soldiers this could easily be a one stop shop for your entire amount of on foot infantry.

Big Guns

If you're looking to bring down some vehicles or indeed just shell infantry from range then there's also a cool Heavy Weapon set from Plastic Soldier Company which looks ace too...

Early War German Heavy Weapons (Box)

Early War German Heavy Weapons (Sprue)

The set gives you four of each of the following including an MG34, 82mm Mortar, Pak 38 Anti-Tank Gun, 75mm Infantry Guns and finally a Flamethrower team.

Do you fancy bolstering your German army come Salute?

"Do you fancy having 141 models to add to your German army?"

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