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“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Four – Scenarios & Campaigns


Community member oriskany rounds off his article series on Battlegroup by looking at the variety of campaigns, theatres and scenarios open to you...

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Three – Battlefield Options


We're back exploring more from the world of Battlegroup as we learn about the other options open to you including special rules, airstrikes and more...

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part Two – Fire & Movement


We move on to learn more about Battlegroup where we discuss the way in which both Movement and Firing is worked out in this game...

“Battlegroup” WW2 Tactical Wargame Part One – Introduction & Overview


Come and join Oriskany and Piers from Ironfist Publishing to learn more about Battlegroup, a fantastic looking World War II ruleset for all manner of scales...

The Great War Gets An Expansion; Tank From The Plastic Soldier Company


The Great War board game from The Plastic Soldier Company has a new expansion that brings tanks rumbling onto the battlefield.

Plastic Soldier Re-Stock Battlegroup Rulebook & New Supplement


Plastic Soldier Company have added the re-released Mini Ruleset for Battlegroup to their webstore so you can get your hands on the rules in a slimmed down format. This is a handy soft back version that contains the rules found in Battlegroup Krusk...

Tanks Roll Onto The World War I Battlefield From Plastic Soldier


Plastic Soldier Company have taken to Kickstarter to fund an expansion to The Great War board game/war game. It will contain rules, miniatures and terrain tiles for bringing tanks to the battlefield of World War I.

The Desert War: Gaming WW2 in North Africa Part Five – Endgame


The Desert War: Gaming WW2 In North Africa Part Four – Turning The Tide


A New German Halftrack Trundles Out Of Plastic Soldier Company


Plastic Soldier Company bolster the fighting potential of the Germans in World War II with a new Halftrack model, the SdKfz 251/C. See what you think of it complete with crew and stowage...

The Desert War: Gaming WW2 in North Africa Part Three – Pushing the Envelope


The Desert War: Gaming WW2 in North Africa Part Two – Early Successes


The Italians dig in and the British have to work out how to continue their campaign in the second article series from oriskany on The Desert War of World War II. A new leader enters the fray too, Erwin Rommel...

The Desert War: Gaming WW2 in North Africa Part One – Overview and Origins


Weekender: AvP Unboxed & Win Kings Of War Prizes!


We're chatting Alien Vs Predator, Bolt Action Planes (Wroooom!) and the future of Kings Of War, plus giving away some prizes! Come and join us for The Weekender...

Fight With The 15mm WWII German Elite From Plastic Soldier


Plastic Soldier Company have now added a new 15mm plastic set to their webstore for use with World War II gaming. The German elite are making a show of force with the Fallschirmjaeger getting a whopping 141 miniatures making up three platoons and and a company HQ...

Plastic Soldier Company Drop In Fallschirmjäger


Plastic Soldier Company is releasing some elite Fallschirmjäger in 15mm scale.

Plastic Soldier Company’s 15mm A9 Tank On The Workbench


Plastic Soldier Company have put together a little preview of their 15mm scale A9 Tank that becomes the A9, A9cs, A10mkII, A10mkIIcs, A10mkII- A kit boxes...

Masses Of New 15mm WWII Germans Reinforce Plastic Soldier Company


Check out a vast array of new German reinforcements coming from Plastic Soldier Company over the next few weeks. There's so much to enjoy!

Upgrade Your PSC Panzer IV & Cromwells With S&S Models Kits


See what S&S Models and Plastic Soldier Company have come up with when it comes to upgrading your tanks from one type to another with some new kits.

A Big Set Of Sdkfz-250 Coming To Plastic Soldier’s 15mm WWII Range


Plastic Soldier Company have teased another big unit coming your way soon for 15mm World War II wargaming. See what you think of this nice set of Sdkfz-250!

New Rubicon Tanks, Half-Tracks & Assault Guns From Plastic Soldier!


Tanks, Half-Tracks and Assault Guns are rolling out from The Plastic Soldier Company and Rubicon Models as they put a whole bunch of them up on their webstore.

Plastic Soldier Bombard Your Foes With 15mm British Heavy Weapon Teams


Plastic Soldier Company have added another plastic 15mm kit to their website and it's all heavy weapons designed to pound and shoot up your foes.

Panzer & Marders Roll Out Of The Tank Factory For Plastic Soldier Company


Plastic Soldier have been busy tinkering away on some more tanks for their 1/72nd range and this new set allows you to build both Panzer and Marders for the tabletop.

Plastic Soldier Company Turn Their Panzer into Plastic


Plastic Soldier Company have made the exciting announcement that the German Panzer 38t 23mm will be getting its own plastic set in the near future.

Plastic Soldier Company Takes to Kickstarter for The Great War


Plastic Soldier Company in cooperation with Richard Borg, creator of Command and Colour games are bring the next chapter, The Great War.

Unboxing: Plastic Soldier Company – 1/72nd Scale Panther Ausf A


The Tank God (John) and Justin are looking at another tank from The Plastic Solider Company. This time it's the turn of the Panther Ausf A With Zimmerit in 1/72nd Scale.

Unboxing: 1/72nd British Churchill Tank


Justin and the living breathing tank encyclopedia that is John take a look at the 1/72nd scale British Churchill Tank from The Plastic Solider Company.

Pre-Order a Panzer from Plastic Soldier


If you're looking for some tanks to support your 15mm German infantry, then you might be interested in The Plastic Soldier Company's new set of Panzer III's that have just gone up for pre-order.

Plastic Solider Company… Panther Tank Section


Darrell opens the box on The Plastic Soldier Company Panther Tank Section... check out what he thinks here!

Panzer III from the Plastic Soldier Company


Video Sponsors: Infinity - Dark Age - Battle Foam Darrell takes a look at the 15mm Panzer III kit from the Plastic Soldier Company.

Plastic Soldier Company Dive for the Trenches


The Plastic Soldier Company have a load of new WWII style terrain to duck and cover in.

15mm WW2 German SdKfz 251 Ausf D Halftrack


If you've been looking for a 15mm WW2 German SdKfz 251 Ausf D Halftrack in plastic, then the Plastic Soldier Company have come to your rescue!

Russian Heavy Weapons Teams From the Plastic Soldier Company


Darrell checks out the 28mm Soviet Heavy Weapons teams from Plastic Soldier Company.

15mm Sherman Tanks from Plastic Soldier Company


More from The Plastic Soldier Company as Darrell has a look at their latest model, a 15mm Sherman Tank.

15mm Russian Infantry From the Plastic Soldier Company


Darrell finds another great box of 15mm Russian Infantry from the Plastic Soldier Company.

An affordable solution to your T34 problem?


Are you looking for a 15mm squadron of Russian T34s that won't break the bank... then look no further than the Plastic Soldier Company!

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