PSC’s The Defence Of Procyon III Coming To Kickstarter In April

March 26, 2020 by brennon

PSC Games are working alongside Dávid Turczi to bring a new Sci-Fi wargame to the tabletop via Kickstarter in April. The Defence Of Procyon III looks like it's going to be a big and daring miniatures game with lots of eurogame elements that really hits those strategic notes.

The Defence Of Procyon III - PSC Games

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Here is some of the background fluff behind the game that they've talked about so far...

"Procyon is a star 11 light-years from Earth, visible in our skies as the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation. Since the system contains the remains of a collapsed star it was bound to be rich in heavy elements, ripe for industrialization. It was thus no surprise, that in 2104 this was one of the first extrasolar systems to be colonized. The surprise came 3 years later when an ancient artefact belonging to a clearly alien civilization was discovered under the settlement.

The observatories picked up the unmistakable tachyon radiation of a fleet slowing down from faster-than-light approaching the system - preparing for the worst-case scenario, the UN dispatched its entire Armada to relieve the minimal defences the settlement holds, while their scientists worked hard to decipher the alien communications, and understand their newfound enemy whose name was revealed to be the Aethyn."

That is a good way to start off a massive battle in the stars. There are going to be four different factions thrown into this game including the Expedition, Armada, Meld and finally the Principle. Whilst we've got this neat looking snapshot of the cover we've also seen more of the character art too over on their preview page HERE.

Procyon Art #1 - PSC Games

When it comes to the game itself, The Defence Of Procyon III is highly asymmetrical and can be played in a few different ways. At its core its a game for four players in two teams where players take control of both the land and air/space forces of both the aliens and humans within this world. The battle is then played out in space upon a hex board (that will get people's attention) and on the ground using a network of point-to-point locations.

Procyon Art #2 - PSC Games

Over twelve turns you'll use card-driven and therefore low luck mechanism to play out a fast-paced game of strategy. Moving away from classic hex-based map games, The Defence Of Procyon III will also feature some awesome miniatures which give you a window into this world. Here is a peek at an early version of the game from Teik Oh.

Demo Game Procyon - PSC Games

At its heart, the game is one of cooperative and control between the two commanders who will have to work together in order to exploit the weaknesses of their enemy. Getting past the alpha gamer problem, both commanders will also have their own puzzles to solve so you'll actually feel like you're having an influence on the game and how it turns out rather than just being directed!

Finally, it should be noted that the game is going to come with rules for an automated opponent who will take control of one side. So, one or two players can then team up or go in solo against the game to see if they can beat it!

The 21st April will mark the start of the Kickstarter for The Defence Of Procyon III and with Dávid Turczi having his hand in games like Anachrony, Rome & Roll, Kitchen Rush and Days of Ire he has certainly spent some time in the game design mines!

Are you interested to see how this is going to develop?

"The 21st April will mark the start of the Kickstarter for The Defence Of Procyon III..."

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