Tell Tabletop Stories In A New Way With Playsets

October 23, 2013 by brennon

We've seen a lot of gaming extras popping up to help us play over great distances or simply eliminate the pencil and paper maps all together in role-playing. Well here is one that does things a little differently, Playsets.

Map Design

Playsets does things differently in that it shows things off in an isometric view allowing you to actually see depth and levels in the landscape. It also features a very nice looking aesthetic based on the imagery of old Final Fantasy games. It looks very good indeed.



Loads of props and hero characters are planned and one of the neat things is how glossy and vibrant this all looks. As well as that they pointed out something that I hadn't really thought on. When you play over Skype or Google Hangout the reactions to the Games Masters tale have to wait a little, they aren't immediate. With this their emotes allow you to react on the fly as things happen.


It might look like a bit of a chibi adventure but I reckon that this glossy and brilliantly colourful world would be a great tool for telling your stories. Map creation, character design and more are all available to the people telling the story along with status effects and buffs being present on your figures too.

Alongside some of the other technology we have seen recently I think we might finally be seeing some good programs for doing our role-playing over long distances. It would also look great seeing this recorded and whacked up on Youtube don't you think?

Is this a neat way to do your role-playing?

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