Pick Up Another Snarling Predator From Predastore!

November 3, 2014 by brennon

Predastore have added another miniature to their line-up of Predators from the Quelzalcaolt mother ship. This time around it's the snarling and incredibly eager looking Predosien-Papagallo...

Predosien-Papagallo (Front)

Predosien-Papagallo (Side)

This is once again another detailed sculpt from Predastore by Gautier Groud. It comes in as another 35mm scale miniature and running full pelt towards the enemy with a huge flail swinging out behind him. I'm sure whatever this hits is going to turn into mush.

Could this be another painting project for you to take up and have you also picked up more from this range?

Let us know!

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