Predastore’s Lord Snow Hunter Begins His Vigil

March 11, 2014 by brennon

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Predastore are not to be slowed when it comes to their predator releases and the latest of these is the awesome looking Lord Snow Hunter which will be taking over an ice world near you soon.

Lord Snow Hunter (Front)

Lord Snow Hunter (Rear)

I love what they've done with this chap and even though he isn't that dynamic, combat wise anyway, he looks to be surveying the land around him looking for his next target. You can almost feel the biting chill of the wind as it drags up that shaggy fur cloak and sends those alien dreadlocks whipping into the wind.

I like that, consciously or not, the weapon also mirrors the land in which he inhabits. Each of the barbs looks like jagged icicles each with a hunger for blood.

Do you think you'll add this Predator to your collection?

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