Printable Scenery Take You To The Lost Islands With New 3D Printable Terrain

March 20, 2018 by brennon

Printable Scenery is back on Kickstarter with a new campaign which looks to adorn your board with all manner of nice new terrain pieces. Each pledge level unlocks a variety of different STL files for you to print off on your home printers...

The Lost Islands - Printable Scenery

All of the terrain for The Lost Islands has been designed with 28mm gaming in mind and has you looking across the high seas for swashbuckling adventures. When it comes to the high seas you won't be going very far without a ship and that's where we turn our attention first.

The Lost Islands Ships - Printable Scenery

The Kickstarter gives you access to two large ships with The Brig and The Sloop although they've also added in the smaller ships as part of this pledge now. You will be able to print the base structure of the boat and then finish off rigging and the like with the addition of dowel, wax string and some inventive paper crafting.

Each of the ships actually comes with separate deck layouts so you can play inside the ship as well as up on the top deck.

They look like very nifty kits to play around with and it would be interesting to hear whether or not you think your home printers could do this justice?

Head To Port

Every ship needs a place to dock and that's where the campaign expands. As well as the ships they also have Port Winterdale which acts as a safe haven for your adventurers.

The Lost Islands Port Winterdale - Printable Scenery

The set breaks down into some nice kits which would work well when creating a crowded wharf. The Port House, whilst effectively the same piece each time you print it, looks interesting enough that if you placed them at various angles you could pack the streets with them.

Lost Tribes

However, not every island is a safe haven for your crews. Another of the terrain sets they have designed is The Lost Tribes kit which plonks you down on an island infested by a foe who is not happy you've stepped into their domain.

The Lost Islands The Lost Tribes - Printable Scenery

You could see these being dotted around a board which is dense with jungles apart from a few pathways. Even then, those paths are destined to be laden with traps and the like! Much more has also been unlocked through the successful campaign, and with twelve days left there is still an opportunity for you to jump in on this one.

Painted Previews!

Here's a look at each of the different sets painted up by Printable Scenery...

Lost Ships Painted

Port Winterdale Painted

Lost Tribes Painted

Maybe we'll have to warm up Warren's printer and see if we can print up some of this terrain for ourselves? It would be great for use in the likes of Ghost Archipelago, the expansion supplement for Frostgrave.

What do you think?

"Each of the ships actually comes with separate deck layouts so you can play inside the ship as well as up on the top deck..."

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