Printable Scenery Is Returning To Kickstarter To Bring Us A Castle

February 15, 2017 by stvitusdancern

You all may know Printable Scenery by now from my 3D Printer article. I am happy to tell you all that they are returning to Kickstarter to expand their Rampage Terrain System to now include a castle system.

With this set, you will be able to use the tiles from the original Rampage Dungeon terrain tiles. You can use those tiles you have already printed and add them into floors and walkways to complete the castle. I got a sneak peek at one piece and it is quite impressive and will be an awesome addition to anyone's terrain collection.

I will share the new print when I get the OK to do so and my printer is back up and running. As of the time of this article, I do not have a "go live" date for the Kickstarter campaign, but I am told it will be soon. Be on the look out for it and I will try and let you all know when it does.

I am enamoured with 3D printing and Printable Scenery's files are top notch and produce quite a wonderful centrepiece.

Will you try 3D printing this year?

"I got a sneak peek at one piece and it is quite impressive..."

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