Adorn Your Bags & Clothing With Privateer Press Pins

May 14, 2014 by brennon

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Privateer Press make some good looking miniatures but they've also delved into the world of additional gubbins and more specifically Privateer Pins. See what you think of these which are going to be available at events, conventions, and through the webstore itself...



Madrak Ironhide



These are very cool looking pins and crafted from metal and enamel with a golden finish to the lines. As well as bigger character pins like these they also do logo pins for the various factions and games they make. You can even buy a simple skull one if you'd like.

I think on a whole this is a pretty cool idea and the Warpwolf and Madrake ones I've posted above have already got me thinking it would be neat to pick them up.

Is this something for the Warmahordes player who has everything?

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