Apes Escape Into Privateer Press’ Monsterpocalypse

August 22, 2019 by brennon

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We haven't had a proper look at the Monsterpocalypse range by Privateer Press in a while but it looks like there is a plethora of new stuff out there, especially if you're playing as the Empire Of The Apes.

General Hondo - Privateer Press

Leading the way we have a couple of characters, starting off with General Hondo here who looks like he is one of the head honchos of this Ape empire. I love that he comes armed with two massive knuckledusters and then an entire missile truck on his shoulder acting as his ranged option. Whilst he might look like he is out to destroy everything he is in fact fighting to preserve Earth from the attacks by dastardly interstellar and eldritch enemies.

The same goes for King Kondo. Without any additional aid, he is able to level buildings and pick up pretty much anything to use it as a weapon.

King Kondo - Privateer Press

He is fierce, prone to rages and the perfect thing to point at your enemy before you let him off the chain. I wouldn't want to try and bring him down...those scars show that he's survived pretty much everything the enemy can throw at him!

Ape Aid

As well as the leaders here there are some expansion elements available for you to pick up to support them in their endeavours. Here we have the Ape Gunners & Ape Infiltrator.

Ape Gunners - Privateer Press

These plucky looking fellows are going to be bounding into battle, picking up all sorts of human weapons to use for their own means. It is a shame that all of the models are the same sculpt here but I suppose with a bit of tweaking you could make them feel more individual. The same goes for the Assault Apes & Rocket Ape.

Assault Apes - Privateer Press

They have done a good job at building up this collection to a specific theme and I love the character throughout the collection as a whole. I bet they would be really fun to play as, especially against some of the more 'serious' elements of Monsterpocalypse, such as it is.


As well as these Apes there is also a preview for this fellow who will be fighting for Ubercrop International. Cyber Khan looks like everything I would have loved when I was a kid.

Cyber Khan - Privateer Press

Dinosaur? Check. Robot? Check. If this was in Toys R' Us (press F to pay respects) I would have snapped this up in an instant. Once again, this shows off the fun and inventiveness you get when delving into Monsterpocalypse.

Are you tempted by an Ape force?

"Dinosaur? Check. Robot? Check..."

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