First Errata Now Live For Privateer’s Warmachine & Hordes

July 19, 2016 by brennon

Privateer Press have released the first Errata for Warmachine & Hordes. While everything has gone smoothly it seems there were a few kinks that needed ironing out. So, Jason Soles and the team set themselves to the task.

Warmachine & Hordes Errata

As well as dealing with Errata for the main Prime & Primal Rulebooks they have also amended some parts of the Rules Digests and individual Model Cards too.

"In addition to a fairly complex rules set, however, we were also tasked with balancing and evaluating nearly a thousand models, a significant increase even from the transition between Mk I and Mk II. It was inevitable that once we released the game to the community as a whole that our players would see things we had not and would point out interactions we had missed.

There are also a number of places where either we understood the rules to be clear and later saw how they could be read to mean something else, or where the language of the rules changes in editing and were made inconsistent with language elsewhere."

We'd like to know what you think of any changes that have hit your own faction.

Get commenting below!

"We'd like to know what you think of any changes that have hit your own faction..."

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