Learn The Rules Of The Undercity With Privateer Press

July 28, 2015 by brennon

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Privateer Press are going to be bringing The Undercity along with them to Gen Con this year for demos. Above is a gameplay tutorial showing you how to begin playing the game and some of the basics and you can find a copy of the full rules to download HERE too.

The Undercity (Contents)

What's Inside?

Not only will you be getting yourself a whole bunch of miniatures but also the character cards, tokens and dice that you need to play your way through this dank and dark adventure. You get forty four models in the box which is pretty awesome!

The Undercity (Miniatures)

The Undercity (Character Cards)

August the 12th will be the date you can get your hands on the game properly but as mentioned above before then you have some time to prep. If you're at Gen Con this weekend then I suggest going over to see what you think of the demo since it will probably be packed most of the time!

Have you got your eye on this as something to pick up for the summer?

Let us know below.

"You get forty four models in the box which is pretty awesome!"

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