Hordes & Warmachine Two Player Battle Boxes Arriving In August

June 23, 2016 by brennon

With a release date of August this year you'll soon be able to pick up your Two Player Battle Boxes for both Warmachine & Hordes by Privateer Press. These new sets have been revamped and tweaked to give you the best introduction to the game that they can.

Warmachine - Cygnar Vs Cryx

We'll begin with the Warmachine Box which gets you  Infantry, Warjacks and a Warcaster to get you started. You'll also get the standard fare of dice, rulers, focus tokens and spell tokens as well as a battle map and a scenario to play out using your force.

Warmachine Two Player Battle Box

As mentioned above you will have two sides within this box as Cygnar clash with Cryx. An interesting match-up to be sure.


For Cygnar you get...

  • Warcaster Major Beth Maddox
  • Ironclad Heavy Warjack
  • Lancer Light Warjack
  • Firefly Light Warjack
  • Stormguard Unit (10 models)

Not a bad start to your day when you end up getting some big tough Warajcks and a unit of highly charged Stormguard in there too. So what's on the cards for Cryx?


Within this set you're going to get...

  • Warcaster Bane Witch Agathia
  • Slayer Heavy Warjack
  • Reaper Heavy Warjack
  • Deathripper light warjack
  • Bane Warrior Unit (10 models)

...and of course all of the paraphernalia that you need to get started for each side including tutorial guides and such. I have to say while I normally wasn't a fan of Cryx that Battlegroup does look very tempted, especially with the Bane Warriors.

Hordes - Trollbloods Vs Skorne

Hordes is not to be outdone when it comes to their Battle Box as they have wrangled the ever popular Trollbloods and the exceedingly exotic looking Skorne.

Hordes Two Player Battle Box

Once again you can expect to get dice, rulers, tokens, a battle map and a scenario in here as well as everything you need to get started in terms of the rules. But, let's get to the miniatures!

In the blue and orange corner we have the Trollbloods!


They are rocking out with...

  • Warlock Ragnor Skysplitter, The Runemaster
  • Troll Impaler Light Warbeast
  • Troll Bouncer Light Warbeast
  • Troll Axer Light Warbeast
  • Trollkin Fennblade Unit (10 models)

Ragnor Skysplitter is the Warlock from the regular Battlegroup box and he is a rather mean warrior. It was fun to see him smashing aside the enemy during the Lock & Load event and people were really enjoying using him.

...and in the red and gold corner the warriors of Skorne!


In this set you get...

  • Warlock Beastmaster Xekaar
  • Titan Gladiator Heavy Warbeast
  • Cyclops Raider Light Warbeast
  • Cyclops Savage Light Warbeast
  • Praetorian Swordsmen Unit (10 models)

Now I won't lie, Skorne have always been a bit of a marmite choice for me. I always really liked their infantry choices but never their Warbeasts. Maybe that will change as we see more models for their range develop but I think of the two sides I'd definitely kill for the Trollbloods!

So, the important question remains. Will you be going with Warmachine or Hordes and THEN which faction will you pick?

Let us know in the comments below...

"The Cryx Battlegroup does look very tempted, especially with the Bane Warriors..."

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