Mighty & Technological Teases For Warmachine & Hordes Pop Up

July 10, 2016 by brennon

Over on social media we're seeing some more renders of upcoming models for Warmachine and Hordes now it moves into the realm of MK III. Kicking things off we have Privateer Press showing off the new technological wonders for Cygnar...


I think that this is a new unit for Cygnar as I couldn't place them within their existing collection. They appear to be enjoying the use of grenades and other kinds of explosives though so if you like the idea of blasting folks apart and ruining unit formations these are for you.

Horned Hellions

As well as that we're seeing a re-sculpt of the Satyix for Cryx who are looking very awesome indeed.


This is a group of three as you can see and they all have alternative poses (yay!). There is an existing Raider Captain for this group and plenty more besides but I reckon that these new sculpts are going to sit well with fans of the dark and brooding Cryx.

Fire & Faith

Almost in opposition you have this Unit Attachment for Protectorate, the Knight Exemplar.

Knight Exemplar

She looks like she would be able to hold her own whatever comes across the battlefield at her. She is also carrying an incredibly dangerous looking relic blade which will begin to smash aside her foes.

A Roaring Beast

Last but not least we have an update for Tiberion for the forces of Skorne. Here he is ready to squish things flat with that weapon of his and charge into battle.


He looks nice and animated. While I'm still not convinced by the Skorne faction as a whole I think that this goes a long way towards me changing my mind. The added dynamism here certainly aids the model, even if it is a hefty fellow!

What do you think of these previews?

"I reckon that these new sculpts are going to sit well with fans of the dark and brooding Cryx..."

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