Warmachine & Hordes New Editions & New Starter Sets!

April 11, 2016 by brennon

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Privateer Press have finally now let the cat out of the bag about Warmachine & Hordes and a NEW EDITION of the rules. They have been streamlining the rules and creating a great entry point for someone to get stuck into this massive world that they have built...

War Begins

You can check out the  video above from Privateer Press where they talk about some of the changes that they have in mind and what they love about the Iron Kingdoms and the armies within it. But, there would be no New Edition without some interesting models on the horizon.

Battlegroups Of Warmachine - What's Inside?

Some new Battlegroups have been shown off for new players which come with all of the things you need to get going.

Cygnar Battlegroup

Inside you get...

  • Mini-Rulebook
  • Quick Start Rules (Basic Training)
  • Faction Guide (How to expand your force)
  • Gaming Mat
  • Terrain
  • Tokens, Dice, Ruler
  • ...and of course the models for your faction including a Warcaster/Warlock and Warjacks/Warbeasts

I'm really liking the expanded content of the box as it gives you the needed pieces to begin playing AND in conjunction with that means that if you and a friend pick the game up you have double the amount of fun to work with.

Why The Change?

Interestingly as they have said above in the video these new Warcasters and Warlocks for the various factions are designed to maximise the power of each Battlegroup on the tabletop and work in tandem with their Warjacks and Warbeasts.

Khador Battlegroup

Menoth Battlegroup

It looks like we're getting a neat mix of the old and the new in terms of the models for these Battlegroups and I can already imagine some of you are getting excited about the prospect of starting a new army.

Retribution Battlegroup

Cryx Battlegroup

One of the other big things we're seeing from these models is that they all come in a variety of coloured plastics so you could almost just get started right out of the box  and just start playing.

The whole idea of this seems to be to make it easy to get stuck into Warmachine and Hordes and enjoy it with as little hassle as possible. A good step.

Battlegroups Of Hordes - Who Will You Side With?

Of course as well as Warmachine the armies of Hordes continue to fight on with all new Battlegroups too.

Circle Battlegroup

Legion Battlegroup

I think this could be a great new start for the world of Warmachine and Hordes and bring more people into the hobby. Of course Privateer Press support a lot of different tournaments and other events too across the world so there should never be a time when you can't find a game.

Skorne Battlegroup

Trollblood Battlegroup

I reckon I'm going to be sticking with my original thoughts on the world of Warmahordes and joining the Trollbloods for a cask of ale up in the mountains. Their Battlegroup looks fantastic with a rather epic looking Warlock there.

When Is This Coming?

The time of reckoning is...

June 29th, 2016

...so you better have your warriors to hand when the new edition strikes. You can find out more about the announcement HERE.

What do you think to this upcoming change?

"...there would be no New Edition without some interesting models on the horizon"

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"The time of reckoning is June 29th, 2016..."

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