Fancy New Chibi Pins On The Way From Privateer Press

October 10, 2016 by brennon

Privateer Press have shown off a whole new bunch of pins for their collection! This time, all of them have got a chibi theme to them!

Chibi Crusader

A lot of their designs are based on the Warjacks that you know and love. The one above shows off the Menoth Crusader with a flaming mace about to ground you into dust.

Whatever your affiliation you might be able to find a Warjack that suits you. The Cygnar one is looking rather epic that's for sure!

Chibi Ironclad

Chibi Juggernaut

The bladed Manticore below from Retribution Of Scyrah certainly works with the chibi theme and I could imagine a cute little cartoon coming together done in this style.

Chibi Manticore

Chibi Slayer

It's not just the Warjacks that are getting the chibi treatment. Some of the big beasts from the world of Hordes are also part of this collection including an awesome Warpwolf here...

Chibi Feral Warpwolf

Chibi Bronzeback Titan

These kind of badges have found their way into all manner of different peoples collections. While I've seen a lot of people just keep them in their packaging I reckon you should start sticking these on your bags, hoodies and more to show them off!

Chibi Pyretroll

Chibi Scythean

As a big Trollblood fan I think that the Pyretroll (seen above) would have to be my pick of the bunch. That angry little fellow would look great alongside my Trollblood force.

Some more focused and characterful pieces have also been worked on including this one of Karchev...

Chibi Karchev

He doesn't look too bad when you make him look that dinky does he? Well, maybe that's going too far! You can also pick up this nice alternative badge from the Egregor Witch Coven.

Chibi Egregor Witch Coven

If you want something more focused towards Halloween however, there is the Warjack-O-Lantern.

Warjackolantern Bage

A seasonal gift for someone who has everything Warmachine and Hordes perhaps?

Which of these would you like to pick up?

"I could imagine a cute little cartoon coming together done in this style..."

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