Privateer Preview New Command Books For Cygnar & Everblight

March 7, 2017 by brennon

Privateer Press has shown off the two new Command Books coming for Warmachine & Hordes this month. The Cygnar Command Book is first, coming March 8th.

Cygnar Command

"Clouds of gun smoke and brilliantly arcing lightning accompany the blue and gold of Cygnar into battle. Beset by enemies on all sides, this great nation stands resolute thanks to its heroic warcasters, advanced warjacks, and stalwart soldiers. Wielding weapons that harness the power of the storm itself and imbued with unshakeable resolve, the proud warcasters of Cygnar march to battle beside the most sophisticated warjacks of the age.

Backed by highly trained professional soldiers such as long gunners, trenchers, and the illustrious Sword Knights, the army of Cygnar represents an elite fighting force more than ready to confront any who would are threaten the principles of freedom for which Cygnar stands."

...and if you prefer to follow the ways of monstrous beasts on the battlefield then you can pick up the Legion Of Everblight Command Book instead.

Legion Of Everblight

"Hailing from the frozen northern wastes, the Legion of Everblight represents many different races gathered and corrupted by the insidious power of the dragon Everblight. Led by preternaturally potent warlocks, each of whom holds within her breast a shard of the dragon's own essence, endless ranks of blighted Nyss and ogrun march forth to spread the dragon's corruption to the farthest reaches of Immoren and beyond.

This formidable army is backed by twisted and terrifying dragonspawn born from the very blood of Everblight's generals and shaped by his own nightmarish imagination."

The Command Books feature some wonderful artwork and I really like this new spin on things. It's neat to get more of the fluff and background on these factions since a lot of the play surrounding Warmachine and Hordes feels like it's skewed towards the competitive.

The Legion Of Everblight book will be out towards the end of the month on March 22nd.

Will you be snapping these up?

"It's neat to get more of the fluff and background on these factions..."

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