Privateer Press Goes Digital For Rulebooks & More

August 26, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press has gone digital and launched it's new platform for downloading rulebooks for Warmachine, Hordes and Iron Kingdoms through PPDigital.

Privateer Press Digital #1

Privateer Press Digital #2

The new app is available on both iDevices and Android platforms and gives you...

  • Digital subscriptions to No Quarter magazine!
  • WARMACHINE and HORDES books!
  • Iron Kingdoms RPG content!
  • Rulebooks for Privateer’s board and card games, including LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE], Heap, and Infernal Contraption!
  • Errata updates to ensure your digital rulebooks are up-to-date!

All seems pretty good indeed and should go well with people who already have War Room. The one thing that I would say though is that all this digital content is grand but not when you run out of batteries!

A friend of mine was playing a friend using the digital products and when his device conked out the fellow had to forfeit! That doesn't happen with cards and paper!

Will you go digital?

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