Privateer Press Incarcerate You in Level 7 [Escape]

June 7, 2012 by brennon

Privateer Press are all about Colossals at the moment but check out this pretty neat looking board game, Level 7 [Escape] from them. It certainly has a great theme...

Level 7 [Escape] Box

In Level 7 [Escape] you play a group of prisoners locked away on the horrifying laboratory level of Subterra Bravo. You must escape and free yourself from the terrors within while evading human and inhuman enemies. On top of all that you have to contend with your fellow prisoners. Will you work with them to escape, or leave them in the dark. Fear is the key here...

Level 7 [Escape] Contents

It certainly looks like the components are up to scratch and the theme is awesome as I said. The game reminds me of a Hollywood film or even the Butcher Bay games with Mr Riddick in them. I am seriously interested in seeing more about this game!

What do you make of this new board game?

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