Privateer Press Preview The Malcontents Next Adventure

February 9, 2016 by dracs

Privateer Press have just published a preview of Into the Wild, the upcoming sequel novel to Into the Storm set in the world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Tharn Blood Weavers

Into the Storm was written by New York Times best selling author Larry Correia and focuses upon the Cygnar sixth platoon, a Dirty Dozen style unit of disgraced Storm Knights.

Into the Storm

For their next adventure, the unit now known as the Malcontents look to be venturing into the dangerous wilderness, where they will come face to face with those who make it their home.

In the extract Privateer Press have shown off, we see the tribal warriors preparing themselves to go hunt the Cygnar soldiers.

Their arrival on the other end would not be nearly as accurate as if they were sent by a real druid, and Caradoc’s warriors would be scattered across the mountainside, but for a lucky few it would be close enough. The glory would be theirs. He prayed he would be one of them and that he would feel bodies parted by his axe, blood in his mouth, and the crunch of bones between his teeth.

The Cygnar was babbling, begging for mercy and for his young god to come and save him. But Morrow was afraid. Morrow did not dwell on the mountain. The sacrifice saw the massive form of Blood Drinker crouched on the other side of the fire, and the Cygnar began to scream in terror. Ivor yanked back the man’s hair and slashed his throat with a knife. He gurgled and kicked as his blood sprayed into the basin.
- Into the Wild

Gallows Grove

The premise is certainly promising, and of course who doesn't love a Dirty Dozen style set up? It's one that always promises plenty of interesting characters. Hopefully, this will be a good and entertaining addition to the Privateer Press library.

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"Who doesn't love a Dirty Dozen style set up? It's one that always promises plenty of interesting characters..."

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