Privateer Press TempleCon Keynote Presentation Details Within

February 7, 2014 by brennon

Privateer Press will be delivering their Keynote Presentation at TempleCon very, very soon - in fact in about half an hour from writing this. You can check it out embedded on our homepage above and over on the Privateer website HERE.

Keynote Presentation


You can expect them to deliver quite the awesome presentation with most likely plenty of looks at what's coming this year. New models, new books, maybe even new games if you're lucky!

Friday Feb. 7 10 a.m. EST
2014 Keynote Presentation

Sunday Feb. 9 Noon EST
Templecon 2014 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Final

Sunday also sees the TempleCon 2014 Iron Gauntlet Qualifier Final so if you're interested in Warmachine and Hordes you have a full weekend ahead of you.

So some of the details:-

Warmachine: Tactics going well - 50% through their development cycle.

Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed - A New RP System for fighting in the wilds.

New Hordes book, Exigence - New Warcasters, new Warbeasts, Warbeast Packs (Lesser Warbeasts in units) coming late 2014.

Level 7 [Invasion] - looks like it could be a RISK like game.

New Warmachine Mercenary Faction, Cephalyx - A massive amount of deadly Monstrosities with buckets of health, low armour, low defence but tanking to the extreme. Some mind bending and mind altering Warcasters able to heal their own units and control others. Uses friendly models as powerful arc nodes but kills them in the process.

Tune in and comment below with your favourite news!

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