Warmachine: Tactics Continues To Bust Targets

July 30, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press have been continuing to bust targets with their Warmachine: Tactics Kickstarter. Check out some of their unlocks below that will be neat additions to your game...


Jarok Croe

Steelhead Riflemen

So above we have some of the deadly allies you can employ in your games. First up we have the Cutthroat who is one of the second pictures deadly assassins. Both of them will work for Khador, Cryx and Menoth and lend pistol, sword and crossbow to the deadly array of weapons you can bring to bear.

As well as them they have also unlocked the Steelhead Riflemen. These Mercenaries will be digging in deep for a prolong fight.

I have recently started to get into Warmachine and I should be bringing Khador to the battlefield (I would collect Rhulic but it's just too expensive) in our local gaming stores Journeyman League. It's been a nice break painting Khador Warjacks instead of hordes of undead soldiers.

Have you pledged?

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