Manage The Alien Threat In Project Elite Kickstarter From Artipia Games

May 23, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

Looking at Earth in the distant future and you will see that Aliens have overrun the planet. In an attempt to manage the threat and regain control, an elite force has been brought together with unique skills to search, rescue and destroy.

project elite box

project elite characters

Artipia Games has developed Project: Elite, a high intensity, cooperative, miniatures board game that inserts the element of pressure to make the game "real time." Project:Elite, is a smashing success on Kickstarter right now as it's entering it's final few days. Players choose a game scenario that identifies the objective for the game as well as which character they'd like to play. Each character brings a unique ability into play.

The mechanism of the game revolves around frantic dice rolling. It's frantic, because the game is played over the course of 8 rounds, and the heroes play in 2 minute, timed intervals to move, search, and manage the alien threat. During those 2 minutes, players must roll the dice necessary to perform specific actions- magnifying glasses to search, guns to shoot, etc. The weapon cards and ability cards have the dice items required listed on them and they must be rolled in order to perform actions.

project elite minis

Some actions can be played repeatedly during your 2 minutes, however if an action has the dice required in red, the player rolling it loses that die for the rest of those 2 minutes, which obviously limits your dice pool. At the end of the frantic 2 minutes, the aliens then get to respond. They have reactions based upon the prior 2 minutes, as well as a spawn, which keeps the pace of the game moving right along. After the aliens have their turn, the heroes can discuss strategy and formulate a plan (as best they can!). Then a new 2 minutes occurs.

project elite monsters

project elite

This game not only has a really exciting mechanic for play, but the miniatures and art work are brilliant, making this a must buy (at least for me!).

Will you be able to manage the alien threat under pressure?

"The mechanism of the game revolves around frantic dice rolling. It’s frantic, because the game is played over the course of 8 rounds..."

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