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Masterclass Volume 1

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So I seen what I could do on my own with a little help. This book came out from Angel, his first. I have read this and it’s working book for me when I see something he has painted and cant figure out how.

I cant say read this and you will paint like Angel but what I can say is that it helped a lot with this style I liked so much but could not replicate.

Materclass Volume one.Materclass Volume one.

With this you got the Joan of Arc limited edition model.

I was so scared of this it took me ages to bring up the courage to paint it and on one of the last steps with liquid mask it pealed off the paint down to the metal. (something I done probably) I was devastated and it sat there for a few years, taunting me and mocking me.

I seen Angel posted something on Facebook and told my story and he wanted to help! couldn’t believe it!  He asked about the problem I advised on it but said I would try again.

Last year (i think) i picked it up again and stripped the paint off using blue tack and a modelling tool (not the best way) and painted it.

My Joan of ArcMy Joan of Arc

After this I got a golden button from BOW. Count believe this considering how much mocking the model gave me.  I showed her! (with the help of the community)

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