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The Penultimate Unit Card!

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Well, here it is, number 36 of 37. Very soon that will be all the unit cards done!

The rules have been done for quite some time, but the art has taken longer 🙂

This one is the Wyrm Fury Crystal, from the unaligned faction. A collection of models that can be used by any core faction strike team to supplement their force.

All the crystals are an interesting option for players who want something a little different. They are immobile so choose their initial deployment well. They grant an action to every other member of the strike team and generally have an aura of effect that can grow throughout the game if their charge criteria are fulfilled (in this case killing enemy models with the “Coven” keyword).

The Beserker’s Fury action granted by the Wyrm Fury Crystal is a risky tactic. It can allow your models to deal a lot of extra damage, but they are quite likely to get killed from the damage they take themselves in the process.

Please let me know your thoughts on either rules, art or anything else!

Unit card for the Wyrm Fury CrystalUnit card for the Wyrm Fury Crystal


So I couldn’t figure out how to post images in the comments below, but to respond to @oriskany and help give an idea about the size of these cards, here is a picture of me holding some. They are roughly a little smaller than A6, and double-sided.


Me holding the starter-set pack of unit cardsMe holding the starter-set pack of unit cards

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The minis look amazing! If you’re looking for impressions on the unit card – and bear with me as I don’t know how large these cards are, but is the print a little small? If those are true “card” size it would be tough for tired old eye like mine to read them.

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