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Manda's (Amachan) Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Table

Manda's (Amachan) Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Table

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The Idea

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The idea of my Fallout table will be a central diner with a road and some scenery around it.

The Plan (Not to scale in any form or shape)The Plan (Not to scale in any form or shape)

The board itself is going to be 3′ by 3′ size. (actual measurement will be 92cm x 92cm, so slightly larger) For the main board I have decided to go for OSB2 which I’ll be ordering cut to size because cutting it myself requires quite a bit of cleanup, tools I need to buy and I’m clumsy and don’t want to lose a foot. The board will be covered by a layer of EPS polystyrene to shape terrain a bit unregularly. The road’s base will be cork and I’ll be using AK Interactive’s asphalt paste to cover it. The landscape will also be covered using AK Interactive’s terrain pastes. For the sidewalks I will be using foamboard and a different technique. For the billboard and the diner itse’f I’ll be using building from 4Ground. I just don’t have the confidence I can make something awesome myself and I don’t have the money to just waste materials on trying. The board will have scatter terrain mostly by Modiphius themselves, but some others as well.

Damaged Emma's Diner from 4GroundDamaged Emma's Diner from 4Ground

I’m also planning on changing the artwork of the 4Ground billboard to the following artwork from the Fallout universe.

The Idea

Now this entire idea is based on Drumlin Diner from Fallout 4. It’s my source of inspiration and in no way am I recreating that. Here are some pictures I use for inspiration.

Through June I will mostly be collecting materials and there might not be much of a start in actually building it. Unfortunately money doesn’t grow on trees and I will only be able to buy stuff when I have the money for it. Fallout: Wasteland Warfare is my main project in terms of money for now, but I will need some money to put in a pre-order for wave 2 as well. I hope this explains my plans so far for this project.

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Looks like a very cool idea. It’s an amazing series of games, and I can’t wait to see how this style of locale translates to the tabletop.

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