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Hannibal and Hamilcar Painted

Hannibal and Hamilcar Painted

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Painting Hasdrubal - Part 1

Tutoring 3
Skill 6
Idea 2
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For the first miniature to paint from the set I decided on Hasdrubal.  I felt that the figure and the pose that the figure was in lent itself to be best for demonstrating the effects of the paints.  As I mentioned previously this is the first time I am utilizing the Army Painter range of paints.

Below you can see the inspiration, the start with a few colors and a picture of the miniature after the wash has been applied.

The model with the paints I used.The model with the paints I used.

For the blue cloth I used Ultramarine Blue washed with Dark Tone.

For the leather straps around his shoulders and waist I used Ash Grey followed by a wash of Dark Tone.

The flesh was simply Barbarian Flesh followed by a Flesh Wash.

The gold armor is Greedy Gold with a wash of Soft Tone.

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Cult of Games Member

Man, those are playing pieces for a board game? Great work! Great idea for a painting project, these are leaders and a period that don’t get enough attention in miniature wargaming.

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