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Appartmant Street 'Terrain Challenge'

Appartmant Street 'Terrain Challenge'

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Looking at Colour..

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I’m starting to think about painting. After looking at some reference images I’m thinking for now to go for the red brick look and the creamy coloured malter.

Thinking a bace primer of army painter skeleton bone then layer up with a light brush the red over so it only catches the bricks. only other idea is after the skeleton bone maybe a steep angle zenith on a mid brown or something to make a light shadow and to give more of a tone then doing the bricks…

Still not there yet but am looking in to getting primed soon or started.

Other details are the dark colours around the roof tops look good and thinking going maybe an off black to the fire escapes instead of a complementry colour in the reds but not shore if the black will be to overpowering.

still not show about the larger soon parts like the stairs and lintels yet as a guy may clash and the red may be to much.

Will keep this space updated

Please leave any comments and look at my “OK Guys and Gals i need your opinion…!” Post as i still need help with some decisions on some of the details on what to do on fire escapes and roads/sidewalks.

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