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Terrain Challenge - Waterloo

Terrain Challenge - Waterloo

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Skill 4
Idea 5

I think there needs to be some miscellaneous terrain added, like trees, a wagon or a broken wheel. Maybe a civilian or two. Have to look around and see what I can find.

Took this picture of the completed diorama and not one of BOW is looking, even Ben has closed his eyes!!

BOW ignoring me!!BOW ignoring me!!

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Cult of Games Member

I really like the idea for this! Also nice to see something done with 28mm Napoleonics that is not painting 60+ models for for a brigade or whatever (guess what I am painting right now) 😉

There a many cool civilian models out there. I think any other models or the cart should be added to the sides of the road to make the march of the soldiers more solitude (but thats just my opinion).

Great stuff mate!

Cult of Games Member

Great diorama, @bobmoor ! I live the little touch of weeds in the middle of the road, showing where the wagon wheel traffic is heaviest. Not sure about the scale, but when my Dad made his Old West railroad set, he came across a lot of Old West wagons and wheels that could pass pretty easily for American Civil War, so I imagine Napoleonics wouldn’t be a terribly difficult stretch – if you’re still looking for “civilian miscellaneous” bitz for this scene.

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