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Blood Bowl from Caledor2

Blood Bowl from Caledor2

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More progress on the Chaos Chosen

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The second and for now last week of work that I have done on the Chaos Chosen.

This will go on hold for now, until my next trip to the caravan.

The beastmen have all been brought up, I only have to do some work on the skin to get them to same progress as the painting vid I followed. I have done one but I might do some a bit different as I like the darker skin tone.


I have to do more work on the blockers, I only finished one.


I am going to look into doing some extra things to the models, adding some extra details to make them stand more apart from each other but I don’t know yet what.

I have played 2 games, one against orc and one against Dwarves. They were standard games with the teams suggested from the box. It went well, they perform good. It was harder against the Dwarves with all their block rules which gives them a serious advantage.

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