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Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

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The end is here!

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 4

I have already moved onto my next project in the desert.

As I said before I wished to wrap this one up with some reflective thoughts.

Things that I think went well:

  • More natural looking rust and paint effects than I have managed to do before.
  • Modular building layout. This may not be modular enough for some but it makes sense having a building helper rather than me just laser cutting the sides of a box with all the texture engraved in it. It did speed up building time.
  • I love the motorway sign. building this up with just paint was time consuming that could have arguably be spent better elsewhere but I love it and made me think about laser cutting stencils which I don’t know why I don’t do more of because I like the end result so much.

Things that I think didn’t go so well and possible reasons why/how to fix:

  • Colour choice on roof of communal shanty hut. I think I should have perhaps done 1 or 2 colours. It ended up too bright and eye catching. If I were to do this again with the same colours I should have added way more salt so that this is mostly rust and the accent is the colours.
  • Time. I planned this to be quick due to life commitments / aspirations away from the hobby. I managed to achieve all of those but the hobby did take it’s rightful back seat. I think I could have designed this to be a faster less time consuming build and paint.
  • Internal details should have been thought about from the start e.g. furniture. I am now left with empty shells and although for use in wargaming this may not matter, but for my roleplay. I will need to come up with other parts before use. Again this may come down to time above.
  • While happy with materials used I think it needed more and to be random. The great suggestions I received were mostly unrealised. If this in the future is used for fallout wasteland warfare then expanded, I may be able to fully realise this.

That’s just a few points. I am sure when I have used these and looked at them some more I will come up with much better ways to do everything!

Everything built for the entryEverything built for the entry

This was fun to build and paint which is the main thing and provides another location for the players of my RPG if they wish to go down this path. The files are present bellow (or above) if you wish to give it a go or you can print them off and use as a template if you want to scratch build the frames out of 2mm balsa wood (which would look better).

It would still be great to get some form of discussion on what kind of formats you think are good for projects. I don’t a few things in here. Written instruction, pictorial instruction and videos trying to find what I think works best within the project system. I myself prefer the bog standard written instruction but I am still curios to see what people prefer.

Oh well… the end is nigh.

More to come just not here.


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Cult of Games Member

every time your stuff is amazing and everything is perfect but for me most impressive is your pallet of colours. they so contrast and fit so well together, this is skill I would love to hav, you cant learn that.

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