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TERRAIN CHALLENGE – THE END IS NIGH: Dropzone Commander  Alpha Bait / 10 mm farm penn.

TERRAIN CHALLENGE – THE END IS NIGH: Dropzone Commander Alpha Bait / 10 mm farm penn.

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Detailing and Traps ready!

Tutoring 5
Skill 4
Idea 4

So this last bit took the most time, which I knew it would. So I used as few colours as possible. This I did by using the same colour for different parts.

I started with Armor Brown on the Scourge wing, then the neck-yoke of the cow, spots on the horse, most of the fences and finally some of the rocks. Metal was up next. Scourge, pole, steamroller(roughly). Mud brown; for details on the scourge, parts of the fences and ropes to the pole.(I think)

A quick & careful dark green wash over the Scourge wing, brown on the fence’s and rust effects on the steamroller and the metal parts of the Scourge. A little bit of brown I put on the noses the animals and the ropes.

While that was drying a bright yellow for the hairs of both animals, just from what was outside of the bottle. Grey dry brush over the road, and mix white in with the brown I used to drybrush the earth after. Any spill over of this dry brush being “dust”.

I had a stencil already made for the road markings. (You can use a tile from the cityscape kit for instance.) For this I used a Army Painter Stippling Brush. As I did want them to stand out, but not be to crisp.

Almost done now; I put the drybrush mix of the earth the horse’s hairs as the yellow was to bright. After that it was washes. The animals got light grey, the roller black, the road grey and the lines black to get soften the whiteness, as did the rocks.

EDIT: I mixed all the washes together, with a drop of green, to get the dirty look on the grond where the animals are standing.

I mixed a bit of light grey in with the drybrush of the earth and put this on the horse’s hairs as the yellow was to bright.

To finish of quickly I used self-adherent winter tuft’s from Army painter, which I pushed done with a cocktail stick. And gave the animals some feed. You don’t know how long you  need to wait for that ALPA to show up now do you 😉

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Cult of Games Member

This looks great! As a fellow Scourge DZC player I approve of your terrain!

Out of interest, what do you imagine is the story behind the trap? Is it the Scourge trying to trap starving Resistance humans? One faction of Resistance trying to trap another? Of is it a trap laid for the Scourge?

Obviously you can use it as a cool objective whatever, but I just wondered what the story was in your mind when you were making it.

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