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Legio Astorum: The slow march to war

Legio Astorum: The slow march to war

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Assembling a Titan - Forge notes

Tutoring 3
Skill 1
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I’ve been looking at what others have done and have opted to build and paint my Titans in sub-assemblies. I’ve done this lots of times before for big models, but on this project I’m adding a few techniques that are new for me:

1 – Painting on the sprue
2 – Magnetising weapons
3 – Maintaining poseability (where possible)

Pictures below show the different sub-assemblies, all basecoated with Leadbelcher spray.

The body of the TitanThe body of the Titan
Legs, posedLegs, posed
So many armour panels!So many armour panels!
Weapons and headsWeapons and heads

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