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Rasmus's PHR reborn - DropZone Commander Revisited

Rasmus's PHR reborn - DropZone Commander Revisited

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Michigan GT after action

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 4

Sorry I have returned from Lansing, MI – the list did alright but got swamped Resistance in two games.

I ended up being on Command Value 1 – a Drop podcast – and my 2nd game against Rob the winner is on SCALD


Sorry about the sound quality on the video the wireless mic on me seem to be turned off

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Cult of Games Member

@rasmus – How did I not see this project until now? No worries, I am getting caught up now. Great idea to show the build for an army then taking it to a GT to put it to the test! Complete with video and audio! Great job, and great idea!

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