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Dr. Tortenkopf is making Terminators great again

Dr. Tortenkopf is making Terminators great again

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Another problem with the sergeant

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 7
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The sergeant is in a pose, that made him easy to cast, but does not make him as dynamic as I would like.

In particular he originally is holding his bolter in from of his wais and is waving his sword around somewhere over his head, while being in a leg stance, that actually suggests some more aggression.

He is clearly in a stepping motion and is holding his sword arm behind him. The only time the sword arm should ever bee behind the fighters body is while either executing a very lumbering swing, that would leave the fighter completely uncovered, or while preparing for an overhead attack. The second and for a seasoned fencer more probable case is called an Ochs (Ox) Guard and has the sword pointing towards the enemy.

I reposed his bolter and his sword to both be pointing in the direction he is looking and stepping in. My idea for the sergeant is, that he has just been advancing and firing at an enemy and is now getting ready to take one last step towards him and execute an overhead stab with his blade.

While fighting gene stealers this would seem like a viable tactic to me, as the Ochs Guard will be useful in defending against their claws while allowing him to make maximum use of the bolter before stepping into melee range.

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