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3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

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First Print 3x3 Corridor section at 140%

Tutoring 6
Skill 4
Idea 5
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Well, nobody said it was going to be quick – 17 hours will be the longest single part I have printed, but we are underway and that’s the main thing.

3 Tile Coridor in Flashforge Visualiser3 Tile Coridor in Flashforge Visualiser

With the raft in place the print bed is entirely consumed with the print.

The OpenLOCK Socket is visible on the left side under the floor.


Planning the Next Pieces

While this is running, I’m going to do a little bit to plan some of my prints – essentially, I don’t have the luxury of leaving this running when I am at work, or when I go to bed, so I need to really organise them so I can run them with 4-5 hour blocks (when I get home after work) and probably some 10 hour blocks (for weekends)

Let’s take a look at the traditionally smallest section for Space Hulk.

It looks like this is estimated at 6:45 (which probably means it will take 8 hours to print.)

Flash Print scaling parts to 140% to allow for modern base sizesFlash Print scaling parts to 140% to allow for modern base sizes
Flash Print build estimate for single square corridorFlash Print build estimate for single square corridor
Corruption's Heart Mission MapCorruption's Heart Mission Map

From the Mission Map above, it looks like we are going to need a lot of Pieces.

3x Corridor 5
3x Corridor 3 (17 hours Each Estimated, 20 hours Actual) [1/3 built]
7x Corridor 2
2x Corridor 1 (7 hours Each)
5x Corridor + (17 hours Each [Actual])[1/5 Built]
5x Corridor T
4x Corridor Corner
4x Dead End
2x Chutes / Lifts
1x Offset Crossing

2x T Room (4 parts, A=9 h,  B=11 h, C=  11 h, D= 14 h Total = 45 Hours)
1x  + Room
1x ortho-Room
1x para-Room
1x 3×4 Room ( we can kitbash this from the regular single door room in FlashPrint)

From the very early build estimates it is starting to look as if there isn’t any chance of the board being complete in the 6 or so weeks remaining for the project, so it looks like we’ll need to try and save some time and scale back some of the plans a bit.

If we use the original doors from 4th edition, that will save some printer time.

If we use a 2d laser printer, we can print out 140% tiles for the main space hulk board pieces, then we can move the finished parts (however many we end up with) around so that they are always in the active area – this should give the project as a whole a degree of robustness.


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Just another 1700 hours to go! 😛

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