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Painting dreadfleet

Painting dreadfleet

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Building the ships and priming

Tutoring 10
Skill 7
Idea 10
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The terrain and gaming aids have been primed on the sprue. The ships have been assembled first, without their sails and bases. The sails and the bases remain on the sprue and will only be added after painting has been completed.

I’ve used white and black surface primer from Vallejo and sprayed it on with my airbrush.

To make it easier to see which ship is on which side during game play, I will paint the sails of the pirate ships white and those of the undead ships black.


  • Terrain (rocky islands mostly)
  • Gaming aids (these will be painted in metallic paint latter)
  • Most ships
  • The sails of the undead fleet


  • The sails of the pirate ships
  • The elven ship and the flying ghost ship
  • The sea monsters
  • Superstructure and wind blown by a spirit, both from the Flaming Scimitar
  • The bases of the ships. (White is better to achieve a nice bright blue latter)
  • The cogs (small auxiliary ships; primed white to achieve bright blue sea water, just like the ships bases)

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