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Space Hulk Diorama

Space Hulk Diorama

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Getting to another level

Tutoring 11
Skill 12
Idea 10
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With the Stormwolf firmly in place, I needed to expand the platforms. Because 1 just wouldn’t be enough to fit everything on. And besides, it just doesn’t give that sense of winding and twisting corridors that a space hulk is.

Now there are 2 very important things to keep in mind when building a diorama like this.

The first one is that you try to get as many different level in there as possible. The more levels, the more organic it will look. And the more interesting

The other important thing is that you have to give some kind of overall direction to the project. If it’s just a couple of platforms bolted together, people won’t know where to look first. And that is a pitty. You have to guide their eyes through the end result.

If you look at the pictures of the 2 bits put together, you will see that I have put a definite downwards line in the diorama, starting with the stormwolf and going down to the lowest platform (which is still to come).

This makes it easier to see the diorama as a whole at first glance. It also emphasizes the feeling of terminators spilling out of the ship, crashing down on the hapless genestealers. (I might be rooting for the wrong guys here.)

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