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Dr. Tortenkopf is making Terminators great again

Dr. Tortenkopf is making Terminators great again

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Building the Bases : Part 1

Tutoring 5
Skill 3
Idea 8
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After I spent the weekend eating all the biscuits I was left with a lot of the plastic trays they had been packaged in. Some of theses turned out to be not that useful for what I had in mind.

Others however looked very promising:

I had tried to preselect the biscuits by the apparent structure of their trays, but have not been too successful. Only the three trays pictured above seemed actually useful. But especially the one with the small square pattern looked very promising indeed.

I must also stress that I did not allow any preconceptions as to the taste of the biscuits which I might have had to influence my decision!


In addition to the biscuits trays I also had all of the following stuff lying around. All of which will come in handy in the following step.

These are two pieces of metal wiring, some plastic piping I salvaged from a spirometry device, since I work with medical equipment. But piping like this can easily be bought online. Also we have an old yarn spool, an empty model blister and an old Austrian 10 Groschen coin which has an eagle on it. I am not an Austrian, but I have apparently traveled to Austria at some point before the introduction of the Euro and must have brought that with me. And of course a self-sealing stem bolt from IKEA.

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