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3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

3d Printed Space Hulk Terrain (stl files from Printable Scenery)

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Ultra Marines Board Game

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There were a number of alternative / spin-off games and expansions for the Space Hulk Game system / components, including Ultra Marines, Tyranid Attack, Deathwing, Genestealer  (with Space Crusade in the mix as well)

I’m going to prepare the the models to play some of the other games as well with the terrain set.

This will allow me to keep going with the models while the 2 printers are fed PLA and ABS 24/7 to get the models out.

Ultra Marine Board Game BoxUltra Marine Board Game Box
Ultra Marine Board game ContentsUltra Marine Board game Contents
Ultra Marine Gameplay ImageUltra Marine Gameplay Image

To Play the game (or a modernised version of it) needs the following models:

  1. 1 Squad of Ultramarine Scouts
  2. 1 Squad of Blood Angels Scouts
  3. 1 Squad of Dark Angels Scouts
  4. 1 Squad of Space Wolves Scouts

All Squads are made up of the following

  • 1 Sargent with bolt pistol / Chainsword
  • 1 Scout with a Heavy bolter and Combat knife
  • 3 Scouts with a bolt pistol and Combat Knife

I never liked the old scout models, so we are going to start the models off with some Primaris Reivers and convert them.

I ordered some of the old metal shoulder-mounted heavy weapons for this conversion of of ebay. as below,  using some spare arms and shoulderpads from the intercessors kit I converted them to the models below.

Space Marine Boxed Game Components that are ready to go.Space Marine Boxed Game Components that are ready to go.

I have 3 Reivers already done for the Ultramarines in my metallic scheme, so just the 2 more to do.

I’m just going to proxy the heavy weapons as I do quite like the las cannon and the Heavy Plasma which will be fire for me.

I am on the lookout for a digital copy of the rule book for this game,  and I will probably need to get a s/h set tor really play, however I can get the board and minis ready in advance of that.

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