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Fast & Dead Cheap Hulk !

Fast & Dead Cheap Hulk !

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Gluing time!

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4
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T-3, third days into the project and I managed to get all the tiles glued together.
I used 2 bottle of cheap cyanoacrylate to glue the tile spacers, in order to accelerate the process.
The walls and floors where glue with the polyurethane and I didn’t wait for it to dry before I sprayed it. I am pretty sure the glue will cure even covered with paint.
It took me 3 metallic spray cans for the whole Hulk.
Fro now on, this is how I see the project going:

  • T -2 (today) :
    • stamping acrylic ochre, red and black with sponge
    • wash with Water Transparent Woodstain + Water + Acrylic Black Ink
  • T -1 (Friday) :
    • weathered with a mix of red/ochre grout powder + alcohol
  • T (Saturday): set up the Hulk and play with my three chipmunks!


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