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Dr. Tortenkopf is making Terminators great again

Dr. Tortenkopf is making Terminators great again

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I am done! Well almost...

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It is 03:13 on the  24th and I am ready to call this project done.

The Terminators have all been mounted to their bases and the last details have painted. I might still be touching up a few details, over the coming days, but nothing major is going to change anymore.

Except for one thing. I still need to add the griffon rampant to their right shoulders. However since it is the right shoulder the griffon will need to be flipped in order to still be facing forward. The red and yellow fields are also flipped opposed to the standard theme on the two Terminators in night world livery.

And that means I have to print a new transfer sheet. However due to domestic reasons  I was unable to print during the week. Hopefully I will be able to add the decals over the course of the weekend.

But until then here are the best gallery shots I could come up with at this time of night:

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