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Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

Warhammer Fantasy Revisited

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Delving Into Ancient Tomes of Dangerous and Forbidden Lore

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Have gone back to look through a lot of the old WHFB rulebooks, supplements and expansions. Only really scratching the surface to be honest. Plenty of fun ideas for themed armies. And I still haven’t started on the Warhammer fantasy roleplay supplement books, which have a tonne of info on locales etc… If anybody is still messing about with Warhammer Fantasy and hasn’t ever read the General’s Compendium then I would highly recommend tracking a copy down. The build guides for the boats and terrain look a bit dated now but the rest of the optional rules and the campaign system are well worth checking out. Seriously, rules for naval warfare and sacking towns? Awesome 🙂 So now I need ships. See, dangerous tomes… Just like that and the book steals more of your sanity spare time. And going back to the 5th ed rules I even found some nice optional rules for veteran/heroic units, so thinking about how to incorporate something similar there.

A few of the ancient tomes....A few of the ancient tomes....

Plus there is also the Warhammer Armies Project website – Problem with this one is now I want to use historical minis to do up a force for Estallia, my miscellaneous pirrate minis for a Pirates of Sartosa force and use my Shieldmaidens as the core of a Norse army. Plus maybe another Sigmar themed Empire force for good measure. Or maybe go 30k and do up some armies for the time of the founding of the Empire? Sigh, too many project ideas, not enough spare hands to hold the brushes…

The site really is worth checking out though. Highly professional, and some sensible and thematic rules for each army.

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Ancient tomes are best tomes 😉

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