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Trewets journey into Bolt Action German Panzer Grenadier 901st

Trewets journey into Bolt Action German Panzer Grenadier 901st

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How to “muddy hell “the bases

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Take your desired brown base material,here I am using dried used coffee grounds as I find it gives a rich brown colour when finished.It also smells great.

Mix a 10% concentration of isopropanol in water( 1 part iso to 9 parts water,roughly)

Then take equal parts of wood glue(PVA) and the isopropanol  and mix together into a thin consistency.

If you dont have isopropanol it is fine to use just plain water but the coffee grounds can stick to your brush through the base process due to the surface tension of the mix.

Apply the mix to your base, making sure to get in all the hard to reach areas using an old brush.Add more PVA till the base is covered with the glue mix in an even coat.

Dip or sprinkle the base material until the base is covered( I dip my base into a small container and leave for a few seconds till the glue has had time to pick up and soak into the desired amount of material) this is hit and miss and down to personal preference.

Let this dry….it can take a reasonable time ,quicker when warmer.

The base material may look stuck down but not quite yet,another soaking on the glue mix is required over the top to seal it to the base.Again this may take some time to dry.

The final result will give you a mixed muddy base.Depending on the glue you use it may come out with a satin finish which can be knocked back with a Matt varnish later.Or disguised with other effects like I am going to do(snow).

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