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Manda's (Amachan) Adeptus Mechanicus

Manda's (Amachan) Adeptus Mechanicus

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The Plan Part 3: Painting Vehicles

Tutoring 7
Skill 4
Idea 8
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Metalica Onager DunecrawlerMetalica Onager Dunecrawler


The vehicles will be primed with Vallejo Surface Primer Black (74.602) and panels will be highlighted with Vallejo Model Air White (71.001) to create a modulation effect. Then the base coat will be Vallejo Model Air Insignia White (71.279) over the armour. Vallejo Model Color Flat Red (70.957) will be used for details, like stripes etc.

The trim bits on separate armour plates or other decorative bits of trim will be painted in Vallejo Game Color Bright Bronze (72.057).

For chipping I will be using two colours. First a heavier layer of chipping using Vallejo Model Color White (70.951) and then a lighter coat of chipping with Vallejo Game Color Charred Brown (72.045).

Washing the white I will be first applying a layer or two of gloss varnish and then fill in the panel lines and crevices or any place where I want it to be a bit darker with AK Interactive Paneliner for White and Winter Camouflage (AK 2074).

Mechanical Bits.

The mechanical bits will be painted with Vallejo Metal Color Burnt Iron (77.721) and then a drybrush of Vallejo Model Air Steel (71.065). The more painted looking mechanical bits, like the legs etc. on the Dunecrawler above will be painted with Vallejo Model Air USN Sea Blue (71.295). These will be getting a coat or 2 of gloss varnish and then a coat of AK Interactive Landing Gear Wash (AK 2029). When this last coat is dry I will be rubbing most of it off, so it will remain in the crevices etc.

Pistons and the like will be painted Vallejo Metal Color Pale Burnt Iron (77.704) before the varnishes of the other mechanical bits go on. And then after the varnishes it will receive a coat of AK Interactive Wash for Shafts and Bearings (AK 2032) where I will rub some of it off when dry.


The weapons will use the same painting scheme as the infantry does, except that the base colour for the weapons will be Vallejo Model Color Black Grey (70.862).


I do want a nice rusty worn look for exhausts. They will get a light and mostly uneven coat of Vallejo Game Color Charred Brown (72.045) over the black primer. Then I want to apply a mix of Vallejo Pigments Old Rust (73.120) & Vallejo Pigments New Rust (73.118) while using Vallejo Model Wash Rust (76.506) as an extra tone and a binding agent.

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